Creating a usable space

Conservatories With Polycarbonate Roofs


With over 25 years of experience, fitting various types of films and coatings throughout the UK and around the world. Suntech are commited to providing a service, second to none within the industry.

We pride ourselves in our aim, to provide a complete service, from initial contact, right through to the completion of installation and are driven by customer satisfaction.


Window films

Window films are a clean and stylish way of giving privacy within a home whilst reducing the excessive glare and heat during the hot summers. They also reduce the damaging UV rays, preventing fading to flooring, furniture and soft furnishings. With a wide selection of finishes, they enhance the look of the building and are now specified by designers and architects for new builds as well as refurbishment projects.

Glass conservatory roofs

All conservatoy owners with a glass roof, will tell you that they love the open airy feel that it gives. with plenty of light and a view of the sky. However, it presents a problem of eccess heat and glare. combined with the damage caused by the suns rays and the UV.

Blinds are the usual solution, but are inherently very expensive and remove the light and are constantly needing serviced and cleaned. Solar control film applied to the roof glazing will reduce the heat and glare without the loss off light or view. Suntech have over 25 years experience installing solar film to conservatories and roof  glass and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail ensuring all our customers are fully satisfied from start to finish.

We also provide a full 10 year warranty with all of our work.

Solar coatings for Polycarbonate.

Coolkote is a specifically designed coating for conservatories with a polycarbonate roof. Reducing the heat and glare by 85%, without losing the light. Wiyh no need for expensive blinds. it is an ideal solution to the eccessive heat during the summer months and the cold during the winter.


Solar inserts are fitted inside the interior cavities of the polycarbonate roof panels, rejecting 85% of the solar energy and glare.

Preventing the usual problems of your conservatory being either too hot during the summer or too cold during the winter.

Giving a nice ambient temperature all year round.

Frost films for privacy

Frosted films are being used, more and more within residential properties. to afford privacy and style. removing the ability to view through them, whilst still having the light pass through. With many different options available and designs they are a cheap option to create a nice space, and far cheaper than replacing the glass.