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Suntech are one of the leading companies within the UK, for the supply and installation of Specialist Window Films and Security Products.


With over 25 years of experience working with governments, health authorities, international airports, global businesses and the military you can rest assured we will bring our extensive knowledge and experience to make your businesses and employees secure, comfortable and protected.



Modern day living incorporates more and more glass within properties, with the aim of creating a bright environment.

Problems, can arise with excess heat and glare or even privacy.

Be it within the home itself or in a conservatory, window films and coatings are a cost effective solution that can reduce the effects dramatically without making the rooms dark, and without the need to close blinds or curtains, cutting out the view and light.

When applied to a conservatory roof, the excess heat and glare is normally reduced by up to 85% and the harmful UV rays are removed. 

Architects are using more and more glass within the designs of commercial properties. allowing more light in, with the aim of creating a more aesthetically pleasing workplace environment.

This however, can create issues with regard to excess heat and glare from the sun, as well as safety.